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Angel and Mermaid together, One of a kind Haiti Metal Art 23" x 23"

SKU: 807
23" x 23"

    Wilson Etienne One of a kind ~ Mermaid and Angel "Heaven and Earth"

    Vodou, like every spiritual tradition, recognizes that people  are surrounded by Spirits/Angels/Saints/Guides/etc. Like every  spiritual tradition, we recognize that each individual will have an  affinity for different types of spirits, have different Guardian Angels, or different individual Lwa; as an example, Ogou spirits, the members  of a Warrior family we call the Nago nation, will not be called to work  with every person… La Sirene, the Mermaid and Queen of the Ocean,  likewise will not take an interest in -everybody-. Each person usually  has an intimate “court” or “Esko” in kreyol, meaning each individual  human will have a grouping of usually three to seven specific Lwa that  are around them, guiding and protecting them, at any given time in their lives. These spirits are not always the same, either; you may find  during your life that Lwa come and go, attracted to you through phases  you may be going through, leaving when their assistance is no longer needed.

    It's Cactus Metal Art Haiti 

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