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Mermaid the Goddess of the Sea, Haiti Fair Trade, One of a kind Metal Art 22" x 22"

SKU: 835
22" x 22"

    Jean Claudy Soulouque's Mermaid Goddess of the Sea~

    LaSiren, also spelled La Sirène, is the Haitian mermaid goddess of the sea. Her mythological pedigree is impressive: enslaved Africans brought with them the memory of a great female water spirit, combined it with existing Taino legends about a sea creature, and added European mermaid imagery. The result was La Sirène, the reigning queen of the ocean realm. She wears a golden crown, carries a golden trumpet (to play her siren song), and lives in a fabulous underwater palace that’s crammed with sunken treasure. LaSiren herself is a magical vision of beauty!

    It's Cactus Metal Art Haiti

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