Ortega Skeleton on Rooster

Ortega Skeleton on Rooster

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Dia de los Muertos is a celebration of family, reuniting the deceased with the living....connecting the past to the present. While there is sincere reverence for the deceased, the festivities are also engaged in with humor and fun. Muertos artists create popular figures of calaveras in tin, clay, paper, scene boxes and other materials to decorate altars.

Size: 14" x 14"

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Gerardo Ortega

from Mexico

The Ortega Family who are renowned for their 100% hand-crafted 'betus' technique using simple 'barro' (clay) to create the most colorful, whimsical, surreal art of imagination. This technique has been passed to 5 generations of the Ortega family, 2 of which currently run the operation - the older 'hermano' (brother) Gerardo is the 'Gerente General' and then the other brothers Oscar and Eleutario oversee production and painting. The sons, daughters, nephews, and nieces who range in age of 16-30 work in production, design, and painting. It is truly a family operation. Their home in Santa Cruz de las Huertas is one in same their taller.
The creative process starts from the fine clay powder which they mix with water to create the clay which ends up a very dark brown color, then they mold all of the individual pieces needed to create a design and then piece them together, then the design is left to dry in the sun for 2 days, then they paint the designs and finally fire them in the kiln.