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Ecuadorian Dolls

A major aspect of Indian identity in Ecuador is dress. People familiar with native dress can often tell roughly where a person is from based on what they wear.  Many from Otavalo still wear their traditional dress. For men, this consists of a blue poncho, fedoras, white calf-length knickers, and a shimbaa long braid that hangs down nearly to the waist.  In addition, a fedora, or felt hat, are almost always worn by Otavalo men.

Women are dressed in white blouses, blue skirts and shawls.  Jewelry is also an important addition to the Otavalena's outfit. They wear layers of necklaces of predominantly gold beads,  and red coral bracelets are the most common form of jewelry worn by the Otavalo women.  Although visitors to the area view their dressing styles as quaint or cute, to the Otavaleno, their dress is connected to their Indian identity and is a way to outwardly express their ethnicity.