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Angelica Morales & Her Laud to Purepecha Culture

Angelica Morales & Her Laud to Purepecha Culture

Angelica Morales & Her Laud to Mexican & Purepecha Culture 

It is not uncommon for artists to take inspiration in every day life. A great example of this is pottery artist Angelica Morales. Morales is from Tzintzuntzan, Michoacan, Mexico. She is known for creating beautiful, intricate hand-painted pottery plates and vases using the “Blanco y Negro” style that requires treating fired pots with engobes, special thin-clay solutions that prepare the pot. She has absolutely mastered this technique; however, one of the things that makes her work so special and really stand out, is that she depicts folkloric scenes and every day images of Purepecha women from her native town in such a beautifully artistic, yet simplistic, way.

Angelica has painted big, staple rituals, festivals, and celebrations in the Mexican culture such as women offering at an altar on Día de los Muertos and traditional dances such as “El Baile de los Machetes” (The Dance of the Machetes), but she also depicts normal, non-eventful, every-day life with paintings of woman selling at the market, men picking crops, and boys playing with trompos. Each and every one of her works shows the love, appreciation and the beauty she finds in her culture and it’s really a privilege to be able to catch a glimpse of what she sees through her eyes. 

Here are a few of our favorites:

Dia de los Muertos Offering  by Angelica Morales     Baile de los Machetes Tzintzuntzan Ceramics by Angelica Morales

Woman at the Market by Angelica Morales Tzintzuntzan Ceramics    Picking Crops in Tzintzuntzan by Angelica Morales    Boys Playing with Trompos by Angelica Morales Tzintzuntzan Ceramics