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Mermaids - The Mystical Creatures of the Sea

Mermaids - The Mystical Creatures of the Sea


Mermaids: Mythical creatures that live in the sea, most commonly depicted having a head and body of a human (mainly woman) with a beautiful fish tail below the waist.

That is the definition of a mermaid, but it’s almost unnecessary to mention. It seems like everyone knows what a mermaid is and it is no wonder why. Stories of mermaids go back thousands of years and are part of various cultures. Because of this many cultures across the world have different versions of a mermaid with different symbolism. However, at the end of the day, the true meaning of the mermaid depends on the individual’s interpretation of these intricate, mysterious, and beautiful mystical creatures.

Here are some of our favorites!

The Ocean

Many see the mermaid as the "mascot" of the sea per say. Mermaids need the ocean, it's their home. Can't think of a mermaid without thinking of the ocean. It makes sense why many see mermaids as a sign of their love and appreciation for the ocean.

Mermaid Goddess


Mermaids are mostly depicted as female. Due to this, they have become a representation of womanly power representing various aspects of a woman: independence, powerfulness, intelligence, femininity, playfulness, the list goes on!

Mermaid at Sea


Just as one cannot contain the ocean, one cannot contain a mermaid. They are fiercely independent and crave the freedom of the sea. Just as the waves of the ocean, mermaids come and go… listening to and following only their heart.

Mermaid at Sea


Mermaids are commonly depicted as being young and light, loveable, curious and full of fun mischief. No matter their age, they remain playful and young at heart. For this reason, many mermaids represent youthfulness of heart.

Youthful Mermaid

Regardless of what a mermaid means to you, the truth is that mermaids are known to care for their home, the ocean. We do the same by providing sustainable, eco-friendly metal folk art made from recycled oil barrels. Check out our wide selection of mermaid folk art here!  

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