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​National Gardening Exercise Day

​National Gardening Exercise Day

National Gardening Exercise Day

Have you ever noticed that after a day of gardening with weeding, digging, spading, planting, pruning, mowing, and raking… you may feel like you have had a full body workout? Well, that’s because you have! Gardening is not only therapeutic, but also helps build muscles and burns calories. Many of us don’t realize the amount of healthy exercise that we can get while working on our garden. But, think about it for a second, walking back and forth, bending up and down, pulling, twisting, pushing a lawnmower, being out in the fresh air and sunshine, not only does it make our home and garden look nice, but it is an excellent source of stress relieving and exercise! It's all good for the mind, body and soul! 

So, it is no wonder, that June 6th, well into spring and almost at summer, National Gardening Exercise Day is observed. Now this day isn’t just about gardening, it’s about maximizing the benefits of gardening by adding some stretches, extra steps, or even squats! Stretching to prevent injury, extra brisk steps to increase heart rate, and squats help build and maintain muscle. If you're anything like me and don't like going to the gym, this is a perfect way to keep your self active and moving this summer!

But how does one safely observe Gardening Exercise Day. Here are a few suggestions:

1.Start slowly. Small Steps!

2.Use right and left hands equally (don’t want to build muscle only on one side).

3.Lift with your legs, not back!

4.Drink plenty of water.

5.Enjoy your garden decorated with Fair Trade items from It’s Cactus! (You like how we threw that in there?) 

Talking about decorating your garden with Fair Trade items, here are some ideas to beautify your garden! 

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Birds in the Garden    Metal Angel & Birds Garden Decor    Metal Sunflower Sculpture     Garden Sunshine Girl Stakes