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Series: The Menu- Catalogue

Series: The Menu- Catalogue

The Series: The Menu- Catalogue

By now you have probably read all about our two other main categories when it comes to Haitian metal art: one-of-a-kinds and limited editions. (If you haven’t, make sure to read all about them.) The last category we have, catalogue!

When we say catalogue, we refer to items that are part of our regular… catalogue! Most artists strive to have one of their items in continuous production. When an item makes it to production it guarantees them constant work, more work means more money, and more money means they are able to better provide for their family. At the same time, when an item goes into production, it also means that in order to keep up with demand, sometimes they will need to hire help, meaning more job opportunities to others in their community. No wonder it’s a big deal.

So how do we choose an item that will become a regular part of our Catalogue collection? There are a couple factors that go into this. One is the artist. As mentioned in previous blogs, when ordering from an artist we need to assure that they are reliable, that their work is consistent, and that they are able to keep their word in regards to time frames. So even if we love an artist’s sample, we first need to make sure that they will follow through. Second, is the art itself. Sometimes we will purchase items as limited edition to test the waters and see if an item will sell. Other times, we are impressed so much by a particular design, that we take a gamble on it and order big before we are even sure! Reason for this is that it can take time for a new design to catch momentum and make more sales, but once it starts going, it really goes and we don’t want our beloved customers waiting on their favorite design.

Metal Hummingbirds  Spread the Love Hearts  Guardian Christmas Angels

Now, this doesn't mean once in the catalogue it will forever stay in the catalogue. What really keeps an item in continuous production is the continued interest in that particular piece of art. Now if a great and reliable artists design is loosing momentum and therefore will be taken off our catalogue, we work with our artist to create a new art design to make sure they are not affected monetarily by this. At the end of the day, our priority is making sure our artists are able to continue their work. 

Metal Celtic Tree of Life  Metal Angel with Birds Sculpture  Welcome to My Garden Stakes

We have hundreds of items in our catalogue, perfect for all home decor types. Help us continue supporting our artists. Check them their work on our website!