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Tree of Life Meaning

Tree of Life Meaning

Tree of Life Meaning

If there is one thing we like more than a beautiful, well-made sculpture, is a beautiful, well-made sculpture full of meaning. The Tree of Life is exactly that. Because of this, it has garnished so much popularity and is a timeless staple regardless of how trends or times change. We see it in homes, in yoga studios, in gardens, in restaurants. Where there is a wall, we have seen it! But what is the exact meaning of the Tree of Life?

Well, that really depends on who you ask. The Tree of Life holds so much significance to those who cherish it, but it may differ from person to person. So here are a few of our favorite meanings!

In Haiti, the Tree of Life commonly represents the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. The roots dig deep and spread into the ground, while the branches reach up into the sky. It gets nourishments from the Earth and energy from the sun and moon. Even though we all spread out in different directions, just as branches do, we are all part of something bigger. We coexist peacefully and need of each other and the elements to grow. Most importantly, we are never alone!

Tree of LifeMetal Tree of LifeGreen Metal Tree of Life   

For others, The Tree of Life is a symbol of connection to family, past and present. The branches are the members of a family, representing past and current lineage. Even if we have lost loved ones, their branches stay and give support to new branches. It reminds us that we grow thanks to those who came before us and the strength they give.

Family Tree of LifeFamily Tree  Family Tree of Life by Michee Remy

Then again, for others it's a symbol of individuality. No two trees are ever the same. No two trees ever grow in the same direction. Likewise, no two human beings will ever be the same. Experiences, characteristics, personalities, all shape us in different, individual, and unique ways. We all grow different and we all adjust and change in different ways, just like the trees!

Tree of LifeTree of Life and BirdsHeart Tree of LifeTree of Life with Flower

And for many others it is a simple representation of peace. The shade, the big, strong branches, the delicate, fluttering leaves, the breeze that runs through, the birds that build their home in it. Trees have a relaxing presence.

Intertwined Tree of LifeTree of Life with FlowersColorful Tree of LifeTranquil Tree of Life

If this wasn’t enough, there is also a whole religious aspect to Trees of Life. (But we’ll have to make another blog about that!)

Regardless of your thoughts and beliefs, the one thing we can all agree with is that trees are beautiful, strong, unique, magnificent, and one of nature’s greatest treasures! Thanks to the help of many Haitian artists, we have been able to grow a collection of Trees of Life perfect for any home, any person, any meaning. Shop them in our website!