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Pigs by Gerardo Ortega

Gerardo Ortega Mexican Clay Pig sculptures have an interesting back story....

It all began in a small village outside of Guadalajara Mexico where the people were known for making sewer pipe and roof tiles~ All by hand using a local clay. Well this can become boring, and in the early 1900's a man by the name of Julian Acero who started making clay toys and whistles. He taught this to a neighborhood boy who in turn went wild with a whimsical humorous style of his own. This boy was Candelario Medrano. Medrano's imagination had no limits as many Folk Art collectors took notice in the 1960's till present.

Candelario's son Serapio and Grandson Juan Jose Luis Medrano carried on the family tradition with a spin on design and whimsy. The Family of Gerardo Ortega also has become well known for carrying on the clay sculpting tradition of Julian Acero.