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Beach Home & Coastal Home Decor

Beach Home & Coastal Home Decor

Beach & Coastal Home Decor

One of the most peaceful places you can go is the beach. Now, I know, I may be biased living on the California coast, but it’s not just me! According to some studies, people associate aquatic hues, the ocean, and sea life with qualities such as calmness, openness, depth, and wisdom.

However, I know the beach is not always the relaxing place it should be for everyone. Some friends I’ve talked to who are not fans of the beach say they hate the sand and the crowds. The ocean and nature itself they appreciate, but some of the “inconveniences” not so much. Whether you love the beach and wish you could live there 24/7 or just like the idea of the beach, beach or coastal home décor might be for you!

But first of all, what is coastal/beach décor? Well, as the name says, it is beach-inspired interiors which rely on natural light, soft hues of blues, an airy feel, natural textures, and beach and sea related items. It doesn’t matter if you live in a beach-front house, beach town, or if you’re in the middle of rural Missouri, you can have a relaxed and breezy home all year round!

So, here are a few of our favorite ideas for the perfect home décor!

Cotton or Linen Slipcovers (White, Khaki, Beige)

Beach Theme Pillows

Whicker & Rattan

Indigo For More Modern Look


But our favorite is our metal beach décor! It is sleek, modern, and fun, but even better yet… it is eco-friendly. All of our Haitian metal art is sustainable and made from recycled oil barrels, so you know none of your metal art is harming the environment or our sea life friends. Remember: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Here are some of our favorites! 

Sea Turtle & Fish  Sea LIfe Turtles & Fish  Octopus Metal Art  Lobster Sea Life Art

Here are some of our favorite beach home (and garden) ideas!

 Sea Life Decor   Sea Life F ish  Sea Life Fish  

If you'd like to see our full metal sea life selection, check our this link! (Also, did you notice we didn't mention any mermaids... for mermaids check out this blog!